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a9s Data Services are coming to Kubernetes natively.

Use our data services on any existing Kubernetes installation.

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Data Services for Kubernetes Coming Soon

Features of anynines Data Services for Kubernetes

Automated Backups & Restore

Lifecycle Management

Persistent Data Storage

Plug & Play Databases

Metrics & Logging

Native Container Images

Create backups of your DataServices and restore them if needed.

Store your important data on any persistent volume configured for your Kubernetes Cluster like Amazon EBS.

Metrics and Logging Dashboard to keep you on track.

Automate the full lifecycle of your Data Services.

Easily create and manage your Data Service instances.

Data Services are built using native Docker images.

The Data Services for Kubernetes will replace BOSH-managed VMs with a native Kubernetes backend. Service instances will then be represented by native Kubernetes workloads instead of clustered virtual machines.

This way no dependency on infrastructure exists and a9s Data Services for Kubernetes can be deployed to any Kubernetes - even bare metal installations.

Why anynines Data Services for Kubernetes?

anynines' PostgreSQL for Kubernetes is here.

Optimized for operational efficiency. With built-in reliability and observability features, application developers and platform operators will love.

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